"City Streets" Package

Adding to our catering portfolio, bring the city streets home to your guests with this package that includes Nathan's Hot Dogs, Soft Pretzels and Street Tacos !!

Get "SAUCED!" with us this season!!!

​​​​Party of Two Catering Presents:

Mac Daddy Bowls!! Keep an eye out for this special we'll be running at limited locations this season..... Use any of our "Street Fry" toppings we have running that day to top a heaping bowl full of creamy homemade mac and cheese!! We'll also be bringing back the fried Mac Daddy Balls at various locations throughout the season so make sure you follow us so you don't miss out!


With over 20 different sauces and spice combinations to choose from you can now offer your guests a variety of Boneless/Bone in Chicken Wings by getting "SAUCED!" for your party or after party!!